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first time going here, good service, polite staff, lovely food worth the price.

Amrita, 22Jul17

very good

Aisha, 22Jul17

Love it

Mohsin, 19Jul17

Easy to order. Only delivery time is longer

Abdul, 15Jul17

Please deliver to 5 barton Close, le19 1sj (its actually a bit closer than frances way so will save petrol :))

Chloe, 14Jul17

Good service

Humairaa, 07Jul17

Spectacular, that's all i got to say

Zeenat, 06Jul17

Excellent tasty food.

Abdul, 02Jul17

Very nice

Abi, 30Jun17


Zaitoon, 28Jun17


Leah, 27Jun17


Leah, 27Jun17

Love eating from here

Corrina, 24Jun17

Great food, speedy delivery. Very satisfied.

Syed, 22Jun17

Very good food )

Zakya, 19Jun17

Very nice

Ayesha, 16Jun17

Love the noodles

Ayesha, 16Jun17

hope decrease the price

Hanadi, 12Jun17


Feizal, 10Jun17


Feizal, 10Jun17

Please put extra sauce in veg box so noodles are not dry

Sarah, 09Jun17

Tasty fresh food

Ashma, 09Jun17


Sadiya, 05Jun17


Aysha, 05Jun17


Zafar, 04Jun17

The food was delicous!! but the service spped is to slow-1hr?

Feizal, 01Jun17

delivery time is longer then expected.

Anish, 28May17

Nice and tasty

Farrukh, 24May17

Happy with the service

Roger, 21May17

Overall service is good. Delivery time needs to improve. The food is amazing as always.

Garina, 21May17


Dominika, 21May17

Fast delivery and great food, thank you. Spicy chips were not included when ordered though.

Mohsin, 20May17

The website says your order will be ready by a certain time (20 minutes), they don't make the food until you arrive and if they have other orders ahead of you then you are left waiting even longer!!

Kavita, 20May17

I didn't get my order till 12 which is 45 mins later than stated. The food was nice but my drink was missing.

Zainab, 20May17

good food

D, 19May17

Delicious food, best halal chinese in Leicester

Ashma, 18May17

Very nice

Wadir, 15May17

Love the food here

Jamie, 14May17


Amy, 14May17

Ordered from here afew times, have never been let down. Great service and great food with good pricing.

Junaid, 13May17

Favourite takeaway in Leicester!

Jennifer, 07May17

i hope you reduce your price

Hanadi, 07May17


Imran, 07May17

Didnt arrive on time

Zayba, 06May17

Awesome food with quick delivery

Lena, 06May17

We always order from you and the service is really quick but we're really disappointed this time I even phoned up almost half an hour ago and it's still not here

Ross, 06May17


Arif, 06May17

Food is nice and tasty.

Zaheer Pandor, 05May17

Loyalty scheme discount vouchers etc would be good for regular customers.

Akila, 05May17

I don't know why my main e mail was not recognised

Shazia, 05May17

Food was good but service was terrible. Waiting time was already over an hour which I was fine with but the food came even later than the stated time on the website.

Aatiqah, 05May17

The best noodels in leicester

Niz, 04May17

The best noodel in leicester

Nizamul, 04May17

Good food as always. Could have done with abit more spicy chips...

Atiyah, 03May17

Yummy food )

Eaman, 02May17

Sauce from wings leaked everywhere which was a bit annoying but other than that very pleased good quality food and it arrived more than half an hour early!

Naz, 23Apr17

Always a good solution for a takeout meal

Mohsin, 22Apr17

Oodles Noodles are a fast and friendly take out.

Imtiyaz, 22Apr17

Oodles is always the best tell arif i said sasa look after me ) as he always does.

Nizamul, 21Apr17


Stela, 19Apr17


Faisal, 18Apr17

Excellent food and service

Shiraaz, 16Apr17

I love you guys 3

Humayra, 16Apr17


Muhammad, 15Apr17

Food arrived 45 minutes early which was very very handy!

Faheema, 14Apr17

Very fast delivery, 25 minutes early!

Naima, 11Apr17

Nice food

Qaayum , 08Apr17

Amazing Service and top quality food

Adam, 07Apr17

Always great food and service

Taslim , 06Apr17

Halima, 06Apr17

Very good food

Fatima, 06Apr17

we love this place

Howitts, 05Apr17

Coupons would be nice!

Afifa, 01Apr17

forgot chips

Eve, 27Mar17

Very good

Ross, 26Mar17


Kuhuk, 26Mar17

bery bery bery bery bery nice bery nice, bery bery nice

Adam, 26Mar17


Ahmad, 25Mar17


Ahmad, 25Mar17


Callan, 25Mar17

very good food and quick delivery

Dg, 24Mar17


Mubz, 24Mar17


Abhraar, 23Mar17


Ammar, 22Mar17

Food is slow.

Anon, 20Mar17

Very good

V, 19Mar17


N, 19Mar17

Good food quality, delivery could've been faster

Tasha, 18Mar17


Jay, 18Mar17


Moatasem , 18Mar17

Our favourite chinese takeaway since moving to Leicester

Tom Cottey, 18Mar17

Food tastes very good, however delivery was slow and one box leaked onto everything else

Yagnesh, 18Mar17

Amazing food and my 6 year old loves your chips also. He was the reason I ordered today? Beaut food, quick delivery well before the cut off time and great quality food also

Kirsty Davis, 13Mar17

Amazing food

Farhaan, 13Mar17

Food is great but very slow delivery needs to be quicker.!!!!!!

Dean Hornsby, 12Mar17

Loveeeeee this place I'm addicted

Kim, 11Mar17

love the food and you're always so fast!

Ronnie, 10Mar17

Really delicious food good quality but slow service

Zay, 10Mar17

Food is amazing all the time but what it lacks is the speed of service...... they need to be quicker when delivering.....!

Rebekah Kumar, 08Mar17

Food was as good as always.

Ronnie Exall, 06Mar17